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Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage

Medicine Buddha Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage - TAHM, is a gentle ancient therapy based on the wisdom of Tibetan Ayurveda which was originally developed by the Bon (Bu'un) and Buddhist religions. Using acupressure points different to those used in the Chinese and Japanese systems, it works to individually balance the three humors or constitutions - wind, bile and phlegm (or activity, stability and vitality).

The Medicine Buddha, illustrated left, represents important principles of Tibetan Buddhist Medicine. In his left-hand he holds a begging bowl filled with the nectar of long life as a sign he gives protection against illness. His right arm is stretched out in the gesture of giving and he holds a twig of the Myrobalan plant. In Tibetan medicine, this is the only plant that has a positive effect on all three humors.

What happens during a Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage?

During treatment the recipient is fully clothed and lying on a treatment couch. The therapy involves gentle stroking and kneading techniques over the scalp, face, neck, throat, shoulders and upper arms, using smooth and slow activity to release muscular tension*. Slow rhythmic circular movements over the head, face, throat and heart areas charge the body with healing energy. In addition, the treatment of selected acupressure points balance the energies of the body to positively change its energy system. This is a totally different experience to Indian Head Massage, and is particularly suited to those suffering from sleep disorders, mental stress and tension.

The massage strokes traditionally used in Tibetan massage are:

  • Stroking - lengthwise strokes to smooth the wind
  • Circular motion - to charge the body with healing energy
  • Kneading - to release muscular tension
  • Acupressure - to balance the energies of the body

What are the benefits of TAHM?

In traditional Tibetan medicine, massage was prescribed mainly as a treatment for excess 'wind' disorders, which include stress, anxiety, restlessness, dizziness, unbalanced emotions, depression, muscle cramps and stiffness, backache and insomnia. The aim of TAHM is to sedate and smooth out the 'wind' humor, where it is hyperactive and causing imbalance.

Listed below is a summary of the benefits:

  • Deeply relaxing to receive
  • May encourage circulation to the scalp
  • Relaxation increases endorphin production which may help lift your mood
  • May alleviate the effects of stress and produce a sense of well-being
  • May promote more restful sleep
  • Relaxes facial and eye muscles
  • Helps to promote a feeling of inner peace and calm

* Please note that although you will remove your face mask whilst on the couch, I will be wearing both a face mask and visor.