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I recently attended one of Sally’s one-day mindfulness workshops and wanted to express how interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable I found the day. It was a concise introduction to a fascinating subject. Sally has a wonderfully calming influence and her approach made our small group very comfortable to share our thoughts and explore this practice. I think it made the perfect opening taster session for anyone interested in the idea of developing a more focused mindset. If you are thinking of signing up for one of these sessions, I would say ‘go for it’, at worst you will spend a relaxing day in the company of some warm and friendly people, at best it may just change your life!
Lesley, West Sussex

I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for Sally’s one day Mindfulness Course. This excellent course was well structured and presented and very reasonably priced. The venue was ideal in that it was relaxing, warm and light and Sally tends to have small groups anyway, which I much prefer. The course itself was interesting and very relaxing and it certainly gave a wonderful insight in to how to melt away the stresses and strains of life!! I would thoroughly recommend this course........thank you Sally.
Hazel, West Sussex

I recently attended one of these meditation courses and I am so pleased that I decided to do so. The course has really enabled me to organise and calm my mind enabling me to be much more organised and productive. This in turn has reduced my stress levels hugely. The course was really interesting and Sally couldn't have been more professional or welcoming. Highly recommended to anyone who wishes to benefit from the physical and mental benefits which mindfulness can offer.
Dawn, West Sussex

Good pace, not too much to take onboard. Looking forward to giving it a go, it’s just finding the time! I had no expectations, really nice size group, felt comfortable.

Perfect venue. I felt happy with the tuition, very open and informative. It was all very relatable and when explained very obvious in regards to reactions to pain and stress. I thought it might be uncomfortably ‘deep’ but it wasn’t. My advice is go for it! The tips and techniques will be useful to everyone from all walks of life.
R. O’B.

Excellent paced tuition with plenty of time for input and reflection. I feel inspired to continue what I have already embarked on. The pace was slower than I expected, but I think this was required for the different experience levels and differing needs of the participants. I would highly recommend it!

I felt the venue was exactly what was needed, it was quiet and felt calming and relaxed. Sally was fantastic. She came across as very informative and answered any questions put to her with confidence and assurance. I’m looking forward to my ongoing practice. I really hope it helps with the anxiety issues that I have, but I believe it will definitely benefit my health regardless.

Excellent venue. Easy to find and good parking. Good facilities and surroundings. The tuition was excellent. Great explanations and pointers to our own practices. Good to receive handouts and CDs. Liked home practice guidelines and CD to assist. Must work out the ideal time for this. I am looking forward to the revision courses.

Lovely venue – light and airy. Warm and comfortable when lying on the mats. Excellent tuition. Informative and very thorough. Definitely want to embark on ongoing practice but Crawley is a long way to drive in the evening. Would definitely recommend the workshop to friends and family.

Lovely light and airy room. The tuition was very good, easy to understand and follow. I feel apprehensive about embarking on my ongoing practice, as I know I’m not good at allocating ‘me time’. I am very determined though and hopeful that I can achieve results. Go for it!

The venue had very easy access. Clean and comfortable surroundings. The tuition was excellent. I feel very positive about embarking on my own practice, and lucky to have my husband to work with me. The workshop was very good value. There was more activity than I expected, which was a good thing! Do it!

The venue was very good – location, parking and facilities. The tuition was taken at a steady pace and Sally was willing to stop and explain when required. I feel excited about embarking on my own practice. The workshop was very good value. Come with an open mind, willing to take part. Learn a new way of being.

Lovely venue, but don’t sit under the ceiling heaters if you are menopausal! [In addition to underfloor heating, there are overhead infra-red ceiling heaters.] I thought the tuition was very clear and nicely spread out meditations. The whole day was very informative and has given me lots to think about and a CD to practice meditation will be a big help. I feel positive about doing the practice as best as possible. Do it, you will enjoy it and come away with some very useful information and meditation to practice.
Patty Shelford